Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day One-Olympia to Bainbridge Island

I give up. All you want to see is pictures anyway. So here's the cheater photo-journalist version of our trip. Leave a comment if you want clarification. Or just leave a comment anyway.
On our way to the boat after Fourth of July celebrations

12 knots through the Tacoma Narrows!

Meira, the fashion goddess

Not staged, just taken to make work friends jealous

Who can resist a taffy and fudge shop? Not us!


  1. Love it! Love it! I figure a picture is worth 1,000 words, and you've proven you agree.

  2. hey! I think I recognize that fudge shop! looks like you guys had a great trip. more pictures m'kay?

  3. More pics soon...and yes, Behan, you recognize the fudge shop. We made it to Eagle Harbor in one day, far earlier than we had expected (thanks, in part to hitting the Narrows at just the right time). When we couldn't find you...we settled for fudge instead:) It would have been nice to connect though; maybe another time!

  4. no worries. the narrows is all about timing, for sure, glad you ahd a good ride! and meanwhile, we look forward to being tracked down in mexico we are sailing south next week! waaaahooo!!!!