Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day Nine-Jones Island to Roche Harbor

Prepare for a deluge of pictures from our time here, one of our favorite islands of the trip. Bryan took the girls for a hike around the western shoreline and I joined them after some exploration of my own. You can see the island's only permanent residents, these almost tame deer.

Bryan and I love the madrona trees with their whimsical shapes and cinnamon bark.I also love these three. I feel so blessed to be traveling through life with these wonderful individuals.

By afternoon, it was time to move on. We had a good sail over to Roche Harbor.Right away, we found the marina pool and relaxed, each in her own way:)

If you were here, I would bore you by trying to point out our boat in this picture.
See, right over there. No a little more to the left.

Roche Harbor has a summer tradition of a color ceremony, complete with music and a cannon. This night, a trio of local pilots added to the fun with an impromptu fly-over at just the right moment.

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  1. beautiful pictures! i'm enjoying your blog with my tea this morning. :^)