Friday, June 27, 2008

I Need a Ghost Writer!

The last month has been so full of postable events, I haven't taken the time to post them. So I'm taking the liberty of copycatting my friend Carri and telling you about all the things I didn't write about. (It's the highest form of flattery, right?)

I didn't tell you about finishing school for the summer and teaching another bread-baking class. Nor did I mention the visit to a friend at Doernbecher Children's Hospital (which necessitated a tram ride!) or the girls' piano recitals (yes, two recitals since my mom and I both claim them as students).

I neglected to mention taking swimming lessons with Bryan. We both took lessons as kids, but couldn't ever get the rhythms of stroking and breathing down at the same time. And we figured that even though the point of a boat is to make swimming unnecessary, it might be a good idea to be a little better than we were. We're, well, a little better.

I especially didn't tell you about taking my parents out on the boat over Memorial Day weekend (though I reserve the right to tell that story at a later's a good one).

Then there was the weekend I spent subbing for some friends who run a Bed and Breakfast. I loved hosting the guests and cooking elaborate breakfasts with fresh ingredients (mmm...ginger scones with lemon curd, bacon arugula quiche and hazelnut waffles with rhubarb compote...mmm). And I really didn't mind dealing with the recalcitrant goats and their incompetent fence. The laughter was payment enough.

And there has been dinner with friends and time spent with family along with VBS for the girls and some major spring cleaning/purging ("Would I want this on an extended boat trip? Do I really need it in the meantime? These have been very helpful questions).

But now we are in the last throes of vacation prep. The girls and I are taking the train to Redmond, WA for a visit with their cousins (and my delightful brother- and sister-in-law) and then Bryan is coming up later in the week for a couple of days of work on the boat before he joins us for the Fourth of July (he hopes to get the water system clean and functional and install the new table that is currently in pieces all over our dining room). Then we're taking off on the boat for 2 weeks in the San Juan Islands. Got all that? I wish I did.

I'm making multiple lists--of groceries and local pump-out stations, of places to go and things to see. We went to the library today to stock up; both the girls are reading faster than I can keep up. I've put my newspaper, mail and CSA membership on hold. This weekend will be full of leading worship at church, a birthday party for Grandpa, grocery shopping, laundry and more list-making. And Bryan is working interminable hours thanks to fourth-quarter rush. I guess if we ever get to do this cruising thing for real, this will seem like small potatoes. But it's enough for today.

It's possible that you'll hear from me again before I go, but if not, at least now you'll know why.


  1. Hey Bethany,

    Could I have started a trend? Writing about what I didn't write about? I only wish I could have wrapped up my post with a planned trip to the San Juans! It's been too long since we've tasted the island life. And by sailboat!! Oh the life! I can't wait to hear all about it.


  2. Thanks for sharing your methods, my trend-setting friend!

  3. Where did you do your swimming lessons? Brad's been wanting to but we're not sure where they take adults :)