Tuesday, June 2, 2009

While riffling through old blog post drafts, I found these pictures from last year's San Juan trip. They are mostly from our visit to the Westcott Bay Sculpture Park at Roche Harbor (19 acres of verdant meadow, forest, and wetland dotted with sculptures of all varieties), but a few are from the next day on our way to Stuart Island. On the way there, our camera broke...so that was that. I'm posting these primarily for my own memory's sake; please feel free to ignore them.

This little fellow served as welcoming committee and curator.

These are not sculptures, but I love to look at them anyway. I think their Artist is amazing.

I loved these flashing birds, twirling in the breeze...

...and this abstract whirligig.

The gong was a family fave.

And I savored the wonder as I strolled down this slope to view the front of this piece of art. What could possibly be more beautiful than the freshly baled hay in the field behind it? When I finally reached the piece, I smiled. On the easel, the artist had simply placed a mirror.

These are the last two pictures our poor camera took (we now have a waterproof, shockproof, drop-proof model). I used to think that boats with line snaking everywhere and gear lashed to every stanchion were, well, just a bit unkempt. Now I just remind myself of the best compliment our well-loved boat ever got--"There's a boat that looks like she goes places!" It's true what they say, that you see the same sights no matter how fancy or humble your boat. I wished so hard our camera had held on for just one more shot, because as we rounded this point, Mt. Baker leapt out at us, bold and dazzling against the blue sea, blue sky. We may not always have proof, but we have seen some spectacular sights from this messy vessel of ours.


  1. beautiful pics, especially the bee~! thanks for sharing, your writing makes me smile.

  2. Great pictures! I ended up buying the shockproof,waterproof,drop proof camera a year or so ago. It's been great! (The Olympus stylus, right?)

    San Juans is definitely where we would like to sail someday. Thanks for sharing your adventures there!

  3. -Adeline...thanks friend! I love to make you smile:-)

    Yes, we've enjoyed the features on the Stylus (we've got some great underwater video!), though fought with it a bit more than our previous camera to get quality indoor pictures. I guess that's just a sign we should get outside more!

    I hope you do get to sail the San Juans someday (SOON!) We spent a week in those enchanting isles for our 10th anniversary and 2 weeks last summer (if you haven't already, you may want to skim back to last fall's posts for some more pics and stories). This summer, everybody has their passports, so we're hoping to hit the San Juans again and then work our way up into Canada a bit.

    Where is your "little cabin in the woods"? It sounds like the perfect place to rest and regroup. We're hoping for something as peaceful on the other end of our trip as well. It would be so hard to come back to an apartment in the city.

    I hope the latest stretch of good weather has been good for Brett's health and both of your spirits.